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After spending over a decade as a nomadic company, Buddies moved into its first home at 142 George Street in 1991.

This building housed iconic productions of Gilbert’s , which experimented with S/M performance and demonstrations.

There are many known cases where special needs children will wander off, often getting lost.

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We have two personal favorites: Amby Gear Smartwatch because of its fun games and learning activities and doki Watch because of its video calling capabilities. Being a parent to a special needs child is even harder.Bouchard has promised to watch his daughter's ballet recital, so he drives to the recital and parks the car in front with Therrien still locked in the trunk.When they emerge, they find the car being towed from the no-parking zone, and as they try to chase down the truck driver, the car explodes. They can be fairly easy to keep, care for and can be relatively inexpensive (compared to some pets).Many small pets are social animals, meaning they get lonely without companionship.

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