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In one moment you want to work it out and in the next you want to leave.

You want to stick it out, but you feel foolish, ashamed, and embarrassed.

A topless BBC radio presenter had a sex session with an underage boy in woods as her fellow DJ husband stood yards away with a camera, a court heard yesterday.

Julie and Tony Wadsworth arranged to meet the 14-year-old and his friend after they and other boys sat ‘excitedly’ watching the broadcasters cavorting against a tree.

Officers from the force's Child Protection and Sex Crimes Squad are basing their hunt on detailed descriptions of the offenders offered by the traumatised teenager.

"The victim, despite her ordeal, has been able to provide us with some excellent descriptions and we appeal to any member of the public who may have any information to contact police," Detective Senior Constable Mitchell said.

Police yesterday released an impression based on the victim's description, and asked the public to help them solve a "disgusting crime".

"She was attacked in an isolated area and, as a young 15-year-old girl, did not stand a chance in defending herself against four men, two of whom held her down while she was sexually assaulted," Detective Senior Constable Glen Mitchell said.

This new approach also has older and married men, now commonly referred to as sponsors, benefiting from campus girls who are more willing to date as long as the man meets their financial obligations.In an area studded with trees, beside an incline called Devil’s Cove, the boy found her sitting topless on the coat, with Mr Wadsworth leaning against a tree yards away.‘She had her breasts out …He [Mr Wadsworth] was leaning against a tree with a big camera, which had a proper lens on it, around his neck,’ the man told the court.‘I told her I wasn’t going to be doing anything with a camera there so she asked him to go for a walk. She told me to sit down next to her and she undid my trousers.’The man said she performed a sex act on him.I took that to mean I could have sex with her.’The alleged victim, now 39 and married, described how he made excuses not to go, saying he had a girlfriend.‘I told her if my mum was to see them she would kill them and I would call the police,’ he said.

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