Dating a drummer

From his incredibly focused drive when it comes to giving his music a voice to the way that he'll use your love story as inspiration for songs, there are countless benefits to forming a connection with this talented maestro.If you need further convincing, here are a few reasons why a drummer will rock your world.1. People often mistakenly think that because the drummer usually sits in the back of the stage, this automatically indicates that his role in the band isn't as important as the other musicians'.And the reason why we keep switching drummers is 'cause none of those people have stepped up to the plate to give the band what we need to perform for the fans or do what we need to do at a high level. You date somebody, and six months later, you break up and you always look for the possible wife. Since we've had a bunch of changes, we're kind of a little more cautious of moving too fast. The fans seem to have really enjoyed the shows with Alex, and we've gotten great responses from his playing and how the band sounds.

I'd imagine it would be about being in the spotlight, the excitement and whole personna that goes along with it.

And in saying so, I mean no disrespect to groupies. They’re about a level up from your neighbor’s dip-shit third-grader who hums into the recorder when he plays “Hot Crossed Buns.” They’ll try to tell you that not having their own place makes things easier when the band tours. There’s only one thing worse than a guy who expects the woman he’s dating to do everything for him.

Now, for all you foolhardy gals who can’t take good advice at face value (like myself) I’ve compiled a list of seven perfectly good reasons why these dudes deserve a fake number.

probably some of the best shows they've heard us play. Yeah, we're just having fun, just getting some shows under our belt. From the first times we rehearsed with him down in Florida, it just kind of clicked right away.

The reviews from this [European headlining] tour, everyone's been saying we sound…

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