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A couple of decades ago, when I was half of a failed long-term relationship (technically, a marriage) at its point of rupture, I clung desperately to all my security blankets – favourite books, CDs, DVDs, clothes and even my favourite TV – as a means of reassuring myself that despite the emotional turmoil I was going through, there could be continuity and reassurance.When something similar happened again some 15 years later, my attitude had changed.I had a friend keep bugging me about getting into modeling, so I gave in and went to an open call for a local talent agency.After being told that I was too fat, my hair was too flat, and my smile was too big, they signed me!

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How insightful and well researched……Aaaaaah hell I can’t do it.

We get it, Brian, the entire universe revolves around the massive black hole of your ego.

Cox has single-handedly turned the fine art of science presenting into a Katie Price impersonation competition. But as a result of that, he has morphed science documentaries from the brilliant Horizons of the seventies and eighties and the still excellent Attenborough efforts into trivial, forgettable and worst of all, disposable parodies of reality television.

After I gave birth, I became fascinated in health and fitness, and was determined to get into even better shape than I was before I was pregnant.

I wanted to prove that even after having a kid, you can still be sexy!

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